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Case Studies

Brand Name : 
Chheda Jewellers

Company Name : Chheda Jewellers

The Challenge : 

Chheda Jewellers is one of the oldest player in the local market of Mumbai. They have slender & loyal customer following, now the challenge is Chheda Jewellers want to transform into contemporary genre to increase the footfalls of new customers but without changing the core value of Brand i.e. purity & trust in any mode of communications.

Ambest Media come with an idea to in cash & celebrate their 25th anniversary by running a campaign & reestablish their existing corporate image by creating a unique, distinctive brand look & of course increase in the sale in minimum budget. The another challenge for Ambest Media was to understand all the forces shaping the local jewellery market, in order to generate a unique and effective brand identity as well as an efficient and competitive corporate image which can ultimately increase the footfall in their showroom

Analysis :

Ambest Media studied the various aspects that shaped the operative environment of Chheda Jewellers Jewellery to support the development of an optimised branding solution. According to the results of this research, one of the elements that could be defined as a major strength for the potential remodeled brand image of Chheda Jewellers was the company's innovative image and its competitive presentation, which could be considered a revolutionary step in the Market.

Solution :

Created a logo of 25th anniversary to cover the 6 month campaign.

Mainline Advertising - Ad campaigns theme based on Trust & Purity with a campaign line of ‘Timeless collection for Priceless beauty’.  The ad was published in leading Gujrati newspapers to engage the specific T.G and flyers were distributed covering major Mumbai areas.OOH & Hording was displayed in the most sophisticated but good footfall area of Mumbai.

Inshop Branding - The Shop got a total makeover with some beautiful V.M on walls & pillars; the ambience was redesigned to give the clients a royal feel. Innovative Danglers are designed with beautiful 4 side jewellery view, so the clients can see the new design easily without any hesitation.

Digital Media- Continuing the Mainline theme by updating the FB post showcasing the new design but with the trust of 25 years. Engagement activity ran, to engaged & knows the mindset of buying jewellery by the potential buyer.

Result :

Footfall is 20% increases
Sales graph hike approx.18%
Digitally 100% impression increases