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Case Studies

Brand Name : 
Red Moments

Company Name : Red Moments Gifitngs Pvt. Ltd.

The Red Moments has always had a reputation for innovation, bright ideas, excitement and enthusiasm. However, it has not always been so same in maintaining the detailed processes necessary to ensure continued product success - hence the need for effective brand management. Brand management involves having the technical skills to create a successful brand management plan, as well as good ideas.

The Challenge : 

» Increase in the volume of Franchise store & the well know personlised gift brand in India.
» The first step in creating a brand plan is to identify the key objective to be worked towards. This is referred to as the
   desired outcome. This can be set out in a few words or a sentence expressing what you want to achieve e.g. to improve
   the brand presence in Indian gift industries.

With this objective clearly defined, the key tasks needed to deliver must be identified. In this case the strategy involved :
» Carrying out the market research
» Finding out in how many personalised gift Red Moments were selling.
» Evaluating the current level of presence i.e. was Red Moments happy about the existing profile in Franchise & sell - or
   was there room for improvement?

Strategy :

» Understanding the Geographical & Cultural needs of the customers & showcasing the gifts accordingly at their franchise
» To start the trend of personalised gifting & engaged them on every day or occasions.
» Flourish Red Moments in web world.

Solution :

» We come up with special day personalised gift & contest e.g. Personalised Rakhi at Raksha Bandhan & Valentine
   contest - “Red Wish Kiya Kya” in this contest a couple got a chance to see Mumbai in helicopter.
» Innovative Above the line (ATL) & Below the line (BTL) activities has been carried out.
» Franchises were offer the exclusive product according to their states & given a mammoth range products.
» Active event participation in many gift & photography exhibition.
» We build the website in more interactive & more personalised way, so the visitors are more engaged in personalising
  gift online as they can see final product on line in few clicks. We simplify the website for the visitors so they can easily
  personalise their gifts. We then set about building high quality links to the website and we quickly saw an increase in
  rankings for all the major keywords.
» We had taken Red Moments on E-commerce platform.

Result :

» Today Red Moments are leading personalised gift company.
» They have maximum franchise all over India with great footfalls.
» Since after redesigning the website we have increased traffic and sales to the Red Moments and this has had a direct
   impact on sales. The website now ranks above more established websites
» Many sales are generated from E-commerce.