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Case Studies

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Brand Name : 
Bhoomi Realty

Company Name : Bhoomi Realty Group

Head office : Mumbai

Category : Realty

Area : Mumbai

Challenge : 

Bhoomi Realty is a mid-sized construction company which works for quality. It doesn’t believe in working for too many projects at a time as it downsizes the quality because of the diversion of focus.  The challenge was to make a noise in the mass market for this company as only a lesser segment of mass knew about the company. There was another problem with this company; it has a namesake in the market which works outside Mumbai. The task was to make a prominent differentiation and establish its identity..

Idea :

An overall makeover can change a personality completely, so as a company. If we could provide a complete makeover to the company it can be highly beneficial. But it had to be done starting from the grass-root level. We had to come up with something that could distinguish the brand’s name and its essence.  We tried to provide Bhoomi a complete new identity by giving it a brand new logo.

Solution :

Our TG was those who seek quality instead heading for a brand. Thus we targeted such segment of mass who thinks thrice before investing into realty. We narrowed our TG upto those whose biggest dream is owning a house. We came up with a brand statement, “Building Dreams”. We grabbed the attention of the market with impeccable advertising concepts. A regular dash of print ads and hoardings became successful to bang the market. Apart from that we had come up with several collaterals and exhibition concepts that gave a huge hand to grow the company. Nowadays our digital support and regular advertising concept is continuing the process of honking consumers’ mind successfully.

Result :

Bhoomi Realty is a notable name in quality construction market nowadays. With a rising number of team members it is coming up with multiple projects at a time. Almost each project gets fully booked within a very short time period. We are continuing with our brand solutions to make the brand’s success worthwhile.