We live in that era which is rule by digital world; Now that we are in the start of a brand new FY’2015 you might be asking yourself what marketing tactics you will implement for your brand in 2015. You know about all of the Internet marketing techniques, from social media marketing to building links. However, content marketing has been buzzing as a top-notch marketing strategy for quite a while now, and the hype has yet to fade away. Google says that 2015 will be more valuable for those brands which have good search words content.

Content marketing ensures that this happens in a number of different ways :
•  It’s not about selling, so people aren’t on their guard.
•  Content marketing pieces are helpful and informative – so readers aren’t faced with a page of jargon that isn’t relevant to them.
•  Because the content created is interesting, enlightening and entertaining, people want to share it with their social networks. Your messages are delivered by trusted peers, and are more likely to be read than unsolicited sales messages.
•  People are driven back to your website, where they find other shareable content. They spend longer browsing around your website and looking at what you have to say.
•  With the right driving forces and calls to action, this increased traffic can be converted to increased sales.
•  Updating your website frequently with relevant, high quality content will have a positive impact on your search rankings. Google and other search engines also look to social      signals people give off when reading your content – whether it’s shared, and how viral it is.
•  The more people share your content, the more it’s validated in the search engine’s eyes as being high quality and relevant, so the more your rankings will increase.
•  So as well as being a powerful promotion of brandcontent marketing makes your website easier to find.
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New companies & brands are always in the puzzle that what they have to call; a team of marketing who can develop the strategy or an advertising group to promote them. Let’s make it simple a coffee need a perfect blend of coffee powder and milk or sugar, but the taste comes from bean powder not the milk or sugar so here coffee bean is marketing & milk or sugar is an advertising but there are very few people who likes black coffee & that too without sugar. Advertising add the taste to your brand it enhance, it makes people feel the aroma of the brand. Remember marketing is the ice mountain and advertising is its peak so before planning to launch or expand your brand think which will be more effective way to reach your goal easily. Let us help you to find the accurate answer. Visit www.ambestmedia.com & meet us on coffee to take things further.